Beavers on Moose Mountain

There has been a beaver pond on Moose Mountain off and on for more than a hundred years. The beavers come and go as they devour and use the food supply. Their first love for food and nutrition are the poplar trees that rapidly regenerate after they leave. They also like young maple trees, birch, ash, and when they are desperate, beech and oak trees will do. They only eat the bark, leaves and small twigs, using the rest of the tree, which they cut into manageable chunks, for the dams.  I have observed the beavers for seven years now. During this time they have turned what was once a puddle into a fourteen acre pond. There are now six dams, one main dam and five progressively smaller ones with five smaller ponds below the main pond. All this has been achieved with anywhere from two to six beavers at one time none of them weighing more than forty pounds. It is amazing how much they can accomplish in one season, tending to offspring, foraging for and harvesting food, building dams, storing food for winter and also improving their lodge to make it safe and dry for the winter months. We are fortunate to have a place where the beavers are welcome on Moose Mountain. Unfortunately it not always the case where development has encroached upon what used to be safe beaver habitat.

They will be moving on. as the food supply has diminished. Their life will be threatened by cars, houses and angry people who resent having their land flooded. They will be trying to live their life as they always have creating a habit that works for them. The beaver pond will eventually revert to a lush meadow where deer and moose will come to graze on the grasses and drink from whatever remains of the pond. The poplar will grow up again quickly and someday in the near future they will be back on Moose Mountain, resurrecting the dams and raising their young once again.