Angora Goats on Moose Mountain

We had a small spinner’s flock of Angora goats for many years. Angora goats produce mohair which is a strong lustrous, warm fiber when spun. The goats had a lot of personality and enjoyed many visits from guests and their children. Sylvia, the pig, a Yucatan mini swine, was director of the flock. She made decisions about when to go out, when to go back to the barn and where to graze. The goats and Sylvia were always together no matter whether they were on a hike or ski or lying under a tree in the shade on a hot summer day. Sylvia, like most pigs was dedicated to her own comfort and well being. When it was cold in the barn, Sylvia and the goats snuggled to keep warm. The goats had their wonderful long coats and she made good use of them.

The black and white photographs were taken by a guest whose name I have lost. They were taken one foggy August morning and I treasure them. I wish I could give credit directly to him. He only came here once, but left us with a wonderful photographic legacy.

The barn is empty now. The goats and Sylvia lived long and happy lives. I am sure that coyotes and stray dogs were kept at bay by Sylvia’s presence. ¬†They were her goats to protect. She took her job very seriously. ¬†Sylvia died at the age of thirteen, a ripe old age for a pig. I still miss her and her chums. I spin their fleeces now and remember them fondly