Meet Davina our new family member July 2013

Davina naps on the kitchen table

Peter and I retired from running the Inn or perhaps the Inn running us. We no longer have guests here on a regular basis. When we were running the Inn ┬áit seemed unwise to have a resident cat. Many people are allergic to them and some, like Peter just plain don’t like them. When we were first married, each of our five children had a cat. Somehow, when we moved to Moose Mountain they had all died of old age or in mishaps on our busy road in New York State.

Last fall we were invaded by mice.They were everywhere. After 35 years of running an Inn with regular health inspections, I found it intolerable to have mouse droppings in the kitchen drawers. I broached the subject to Peter about adopting a cat. To my surprise, he agreed that we had to do something more drastic then the traps we set nightly in drawers and in the cellar. Peter has never been fond of cats, but cats always seem to seek him out.


The next week, I drove down to the Humane Society. I was overwhelmed by the numbers of cats there all waiting to be adopted. I wanted to scoop them all up and give them a home on Moose Mountain. Most of the cats were not in cages and had huge rooms full of climbing perches and toys to play with. One cat reached her paw out to me. She was in a cage. The attendant encouraged me to take her out and play with her. When I did she immediately hopped out of my arms and explored the room , looking back at me as she did. For some reason I decided she should be the one!

Davina sleeps in the kitchen

Two days later, I arrived back at the shelter with a borrowed cat carrier and brought her home. She was so quiet in the car that I don’t think Tulla even knew she was there. The Humane Society recommended that she be kept in a room for several days and away from Tulla. I tried shutting her in one of the rooms and visited her many times a day. She wanted out!!!! She would reach her paw under the door and try to reach Tulla. I finally gave up and with Tulla on a leash I introduced them. There was no need for that, they already knew each other. Tulla tried to lunge at Davina , and Davina walked up to her and rubbed against her legs. I thought Tulla was going to faint. Since that first meeting they have been great friends. Davina has no fear of dogs and in fact likes most of them if they are not too bouncy.

Two friends on a walk

Davina has now decided to come with Tulla and me on our morning walk to the beaver pond.

Early morning at the pond

The beavers don’t interest her at all but she loves being in the woods with us. She has her own interests to persue while we watch and photograph the beavers.

Davina explores

If she misses our walk, she rushes out to greet Tulla when we return.

I think Tulla is somewhat surprised each time Davina rubs against her. When Tulla lies on her bed or on the couch Davina frequently joins her there. She is totally comfortable with Tulla.

As for Peter, who has always disliked cats, he adores her! She makes us both laugh many times a day. She finds the weirdest places to sleep, on the top shelf over the refrigerator, lord knows how she gets up there, in a bag of freshly washed fleece, and oh how she loves sunny windows! She won his heart by accompanying him on his walks up the tower road. She detours and disappears in the woods and then reappears, walks with you for awhile until something else catches her interest. She is always independent and frequently affectionate but always on her terms.

And now for her report card!!! Drum roll please.! We have no mice!!!! I don’t think she has finished them all off, but I do believe that they have wisely decided to live elsewhere. We have had no signs of any mice anywhere in the lodge since Davina joined our team Moose.

Tulla is on deer and woodchuck patrol and Davina has the Lodge as her territory to protect and defend from furry invaders. We feel well protected on all fronts .


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New family member

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